Our latest innovation: The ultrasonic coating thickness gauge QuintSonic – T. With the predecessor model QuintSonic 7 our customers were already able to measure up to five different polymer coatings on metal, plastic, wood, glass and ceramics, as well as on components made of GFRP and CFRP.

Thanks to innovative technology, we could connect the intelligent ultrasonic sensor to an industrial tablet now, which serves as an evaluation unit. This allows users to completely dispense with a measuring device and display their data in the most comfortable way. In addition, the integration of the management software for parameterization and evaluation makes it possible to directly manage and analyze the data. Beside the high ease of use and the large colour display, the QuintSonic – T also has of course an industrial design. Therefore, the tablet can also be used for rough field applications (protection class IP67).


The measuring principle is based on the reflection of ultrasonic waves: The intelligent sensor serves simultaneously as transmitter and receiver. With the help of a coupling substance, the sound generator introduces an ultrasonic pulse into the layer system and reflects the signals at the interfaces of the individual layers. After the reflections are recorded by the sensor, they are evaluated and converted into the corresponding layer thickness with a precision of 0.1 µm.