Then new series of coating thickness gauges MiniTest 725 / 735 / 745 of the German Manufacturer ElektroPhysik offers high flexibility and mobility by their special wireless sensors for wireless data transfer to smartphones or tablets.

With this new series, the Cologne Manufacturer widens the field of application of their reliable high-precision gauges for the finishing industry. The new gauges come with a Bluetooth interface to enable wireless data transfer and connect to a wide range of sensors including also specially adapted sensors such as the tube or miniature sensors in straight or angled 45° or 90° design for difficult settings of task.

In addition, sensors designed for measurement on car bodies have been particularly adapted to be highly unsusceptible to varying geometries or base materials

The desire to meet the requirements for more mobility and flexibility has been essential when developing the new series. For that reason, ElektroPhysik has equipped the MiniTest 725 / 735 / 745 series with a Bluetooth interface to allow wireless data transfer on site to a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, all gauges come with a USB interface to connect to a computer, note book or printer. For an IT based quality management, the connection to a CAQ software such as the QUIPSY® software is available.

The three models of the series offer the same range of functionalities but come with different sensor models. Whilst the 725 has a built-in sensor, the model 735 comes with a cable- connected sensor to allow measurement in objects difficult to access. MiniTest 745, the top
model of the series, is equipped with a convertible sensor that can easily be changed from built-in to cable-connected design. This model also comes with a larger data memory.

Take full advantage of today’s innovative and flexible connectivity options by using the wireless MiniTest 745 sensors. Just connect your digital sensor to the Bluetooth Smart- adapter and your readings will be transferred immediately to the MiniTest 745 gauge – in a distance of up to a 10 m. All MiniTest 745 sensors are Bluetooth Smart-adapter capable.

The ergonomically designed ElektroPhysik gauges are easy-to-operate. Their large display is rotatable by 180° ensuring convenient display of the current readings and important parameters. Thanks to the use of the most-advanced SIDSP®-technology, these sensors are unsusceptible to interference and provide an excellent measuring accuracy. Even variations in temperature will not affect measurement and readings remain stable to ensure a very good reproducibility over the complete measuring range. During manufacture, the sensors are calibrated at up to 50 calibration points to reduce measuring errors to a minimum. Even different cable lengths will not interfere measurement. The dual FN sensors automatically identify the substrate material and adjust to the matching measuring procedure. All sensors come with a wear-resistant carbide cap to ensure a virtually unlimited service life.

Conclusion: High accuracy, reliability and ergonomic design have been the major requirements when developing the new MiniTest 725 / 735 /745 series. Thanks to the new connectivity feature and the widened field of application enabled through the special sensors, this series offers a now mobility and flexibility to the user and makes the reliable high-quality coating thickness gauges for paint, anodizing layers, chrome, zinc etc. even more easy to operate.

Editorial information:
ElektroPhysik Dr. Steingroever GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading producers of measuring instruments for the surface technology on an international level. For more than 60 years, ElektroPhysik has been developing and producing a carefully designed product portfolio of precision gauges at its Cologne headquarters.

Being a pioneer in the field of non-destructive coating thickness measurement, ElektroPhysik has successfully advanced the worldwide standardization of coating thickness measurement in cooperation with national and international standardizing bodies, research institutes and universities.

ElektroPhysik operates on an international scale through subsidiaries and agencies in nearly all countries of the world.

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