Wireless coating thickness measurement

SmarTest, the new concept of a wireless sensor is designed to assume all tasks of a professional coating thickness gauge. Thickness values can be displayed at any time on smartphones and tablets.

Calibration of a MiniTest

Only a few calibration steps are necessary to adapt a coating thickness gauges perfectly to the measuring task thus assuring highest precision in coating thickness measurement.

Wall thickness gauge:
MiniTest FH

Non-destructive thickness measurement of non-magnetic materials and even complex geometries up to 24mm wall thickness.

Events / Tradeshows

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Advancing with Technology

ElektroPhysik is one of the leading manufacturers of measuring instruments for the surface technology. Being a pioneer in the field of non-destructive coating thickness measurement, ElektroPhysik has successfully advanced new product developments along with international standardization of the coating thickness measurement.

Workshop ultrasonic coating thickness measurement

Unlike traditional measuring principles of coating thickness measurement, ultrasonic coating thickness measurement allows to determine the thickness of coatings applied on non-metallic substrates of various kind. Coating thickness of paint, varnish and plastics applied on plastics, wood, glass, ceramics and even on metal is measured non-destructively and with high precision.

Learn more about the possibility of ultrasonic coating thickness measurement participating in our seminar held in Cologne on September 25th 2017. Apply for registration or further information on: info(at)elektrophysik.com.