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An ultrasound wall thickness measurement gauge serves essentially to determine the material thickness, or wall thickness, of metals, synthetic materials and glass. The great benefit for you is that wall thickness measurement via ultrasound takes place non-destructively. Using our wall thickness measuring gauges, you can solve practically every problem in the area of wall thickness measurement non-destructively.

The measuring device MiniTest 7400 FH is designed for destruction-free wall thickness measurements up to 24mm – for non-magnetic hollow items of all kinds. For example, bottles, aluminium cans, and glass and plastic containers with complex geometries belong to this category. When it comes to larger hollow items, such as tanks or pipes made of hard materials such as metal, synthetic material, glass, ceramic, etc., the ultrasound thickness gauge from the MiniTest 400 series is available to help you. Thickness measurements from 0.65mm up to 500mm are possible with this device. Here is a summary of further details about the wall thickness measuring gauge from this series:

  • MiniTest 420 – the robust entry model with the most important basic functions
  • MiniTest 430 – with a further range of functions and USB interface
  • MiniTest 440 – the high-end gauge that can also take measurements through coatings

Extensive information is available here in our PDF-Catalogue .

Wall thickness measurement

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10-year repair service

10-year repair service

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Made in Germany

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