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Ute Meyer

Ute Meyer

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Product infomation

SecoTest: exceptionally robust and easy-to-handle cross hatch cutter

The cross hatch testers from the SecoTest series consist of a sturdy holder for the six-edge multi cutting blade and a rotatable non-slip grip, which prevents the multi cutting blade from canting.

To ensure the procedure’s reproducibility, the test object should be put through a suitable conditioning process (see DIN EN ISO 2409, section 6). For tests at construction sites, ambient conditions should be recorded in the test report. The procedure defined by ISO 4624 can be used to measure adhesiveness.


Heavy-duty cross hatch cutter to assess adhesiveness of lacquer coatings on hard and soft substrates



  • High-grade, tool-steel multi cutting blade in 4 different models with standard cutting-edge geometry
  • Multi-cutting blade with six edges
  • Movable cutter head
Supply schedule
  • Cross hatch cutter SecoTest
  • Multi-cutting blade
  • Magnifier
  • Brush
  • Short instructions
  • Plastic carrying case
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

ElektroPhysik develops, produces and markets the entire product range in Germany, at our headquarters in Cologne.


SIDSP® is a worldwide leading technology developed by ElektroPhysik
for coating thickness sensors.