SIDSP® is world-leading technology developed by ElektroPhysik for coating thickness sensors. It sets a new benchmark for coating thickness measurement technology and solves fundamental problems associated with analogue coating thickness measurement.

Analogue coating thickness gauges are reliable only as long as they can be used without external interference which, in practice, is rarely the case. Electromagnetic interference, inadequate filtering of the measuring signal, rapid changes in temperature or imprecise linearisation can quickly lead to incorrect test results, with the user being unaware that a problem has occurred.

SIDSP® technology means this is no longer a problem

SIDSP® stands for Sensor-Integrated Digital Signal Processing meaning a measuring signal is processed in its entirety “on the spot”, i.e. in direct proximity to the sensor head. Measuring signals are no longer disrupted during transmission via the sensor cable because the sensor cable only provides power to the sensor and carries the final, complete coating thickness values to the device – in digital form and of course also free of interference.

Advantages of SIDSP® Technology

Thanks to SIDSP®, measuring instruments from ElektroPhysik have many advantages over traditional, analogue measuring instruments:

  • SIDSP® sensors are extremely resistant to interference
  • SIDSP® measurement signals are stable
  • SIDSP® sensors have highly precise characteristic curves
  • SIDSP sensors are very resistant to temperature changes
  • SIDSP® sensors are both flexible and robust

SIDSP® – technology for the future

All these advantages make the SIDSP® method a a future-orientated technology, which our engineers at ElektroPhysik are constantly improving – making sure that you always get test results with the highest precision!

12 month guarantee of quality

12 month guarantee of quality

We prioritise high-quality workmanship and robust materials when we make our measuring instruments.
10-year repair service

10-year repair service

If you buy one of our high-quality measuring instruments, then you can be sure that you are getting future-proof technology.