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StratoTest 4500 C

Refractory bricks undergo degradation resulting in a decrease in mechanical properties. In order to monitor the thickness of these bricks, StratoTest 4500 C is the ideal tool to determine the state of the lining in industrial furnaces and rotary kilns.

StratoTest works on the electromagnetic measurement principle using the metal of the kiln shell as a measuring reflector. When the disc-shaped probe approaches the kiln shell, its electromagnetic files change depending on the distance to the metal.

One single borehole is sufficient for the StratoTest 4500 C to be adjusted to the lining thickness by an individual calibration option of the gauge. Subsequently, the entire lining can be measured with the gauge non-destructively.

The handheld probe measures a lining thickness of up to 300 mm.


Non-destructive thickness measurement of non-magnetic layers in industrial kilns, e.g.:

  • cement, doloite, magnesite or fireclay bricks in rotary kilns
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Measuring range up to 300 mm
  • Immediate display of brick thickness
  • Special measuring technique to eliminate influences of
    metal inclusions or microstructural change
  • Easy data transfer via USB and Bluetooth
Supply schedule
  • StratoTest 4500 control unit
  • Measuring probe N 300ST
  • Probe handle and connecting cable
  • Carrying case for use on site
  • Plastic transport case
12 month guarantee of quality

12 month guarantee of quality

We prioritise high-quality workmanship and robust materials when we make our measuring instruments.


SIDSP® is a worldwide leading technology developed by ElektroPhysik
for coating thickness sensors.