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A pinhole detector checks coatings by means of electrical voltage. Microscopically small defects (>20µm) can then be detected in the coating of a surface. Even minimal defects in surface coatings can have fatal consequences so careful testing with the right pinhole detector is vital. Urgent action is required when just the smallest defect is found during pinhole detection of surface coatings. Minimal defects in the coating are sufficient to cause major damage. The PoroTest 7 pinhole detector from ElektroPhysik is an indispensable aid in the search for pores, cracks and other defects in non-conductive coatings on conductive base materials – go to the technical data.

What is pinhole detection generally good for?

With a pinhole detector you can check surface coatings to protect against:

  • Corrosion from outside and inside
  • Damage from minuscule coating defects
  • Damage to highly delicate foodstuffs
  • Hazardous chemical reactions
  • Expensive re-coating due to undetected defects

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Detailed examples of applications for our pinhole detector:

  • Protection against external factors:

Examples range from offshore plants and drilling platforms through to ships and pipelines. These are permanently exposed to the most adverse environmental factors. Minimal damage in their coatings is sufficient for the steel base material to come into contact with moisture and to then begin to rust. Pinhole detection therefore protects against corrosion and prevents subsequent damage.

  • Protection of contents:

Boilers, pumps, tanks and other vessels are internally coated to prevent food products from coming into contact with the metal of the containers. Flawless coatings are fundamental also for the storing and transporting of corrosive substances to prevent contamination of the goods or hazardous reactions.

  • Detecting damaged surfaces:

Our pinhole detector can find and subsequently eliminate defects and faults that have occurred when the coatings are being applied. Such defects include:

  1. Air bubbles that have formed during application
  2. Cracks that have formed during hardening
  3. A coating that is too thin
  4. A coating applied too thickly that could eventually crack or break during curing

Do you have any questions about our pinhole detector? We will be happy to answer them

We will be happy to answer any question you have about pinhole detection and our pinhole detectors. You can reach us by telephone at +49 221 75204-0, by email at info(at) or via our contact form.

Pinhole detection

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