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Beatrix Badura-Yilmaz

Beatrix Badura-Yilmaz

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MiniTest 400: Ultrasonic thickness measuring gauge in 3 variants

The MiniTest 400 is available in three variants:

  • MiniTest 420 – the sturdy entry-level model with the most important basic functions
  • MiniTest 430 – with an extended range of functions and a USB interface
  • MiniTest 440 – the high-end device that can also take measurements by penetrating coatings

The intelligent ultrasonic test probes are recognised automatically by the device. Recalibration is therefore unnecessary when switching probes.

You can scan an item continually for thin areas in minimum mode.

MiniTest 420

Sturdy and economically priced basic model with memory, USB interface and automatic probe-calibration detection. Standard and minimum measurement modes are available.

MiniTest 430

With integrated memory for 10 groups each with maximum 500 measuring values and USB interface. Besides the MiniTest 420 model, the differential, alarm and scanning measuring modes are also available.

MiniTest 440

High-end device with integrated memory for 10 groups each with a maximum capacity of 500 measuring values, USB interface and 5 measuring modes; connecting echo-echo probes is possible.


Non-destructive wall thickness measurement of::

  • Hard materials like metal, synthetic material, glass, ceramic etc.
  • Hollow bodies of all kinds like tanks, pipes etc.
  • Non-destructive wall thickness measurement ranging between 0.65 mm and 500 mm
  • High measurement precision and repeatability
  • High resolution of 0.01 mm
  • Scan mode with 10 measurements per second
  • Low voltage memory
  • Minimum mode to detect thinning due to erosion or selective/pitting corrosion
  • Alarm mode with optical and acoustic signals to indicate exceeded limit values
  • Differential mode to indicate deviation from set value
  • Saving and evaluation of measured values by built-in data logger
Measuring modes

Standard The standard mode displays the active measurement reading. Minimum The lowest measured value (= thinnest point) is displayed while measuring. This mode is suited for measurement on curved surfaces or to locate the thinnest wall thickness. Differential Shows the differential value between the required thickness and the effective thickness measured. Alarm (Limit) Activates an optical and acoustic alarm when values exceed or fall short of the threshold values. Scan Particularly for quick measurements at high material temperatures.

Supply schedule
  • device MiniTest 420 / 430 / 440
  • 5 MHz Standard probe U5.0 for the MiniTest 420 and 430 devices U5.0E for the MiniTest 440 device
  • Instruction manual German/English (French under preparation)
  • 2 x 1.5 V battery LR 06 / AA
  • Protective rubber cover
  • 1 bottle (200 ml) anti-corrosion coupling agent
  • Data transmission cable (only for MiniTest 430 / 440)
  • Data transmission software
  • Plastic case

12 month guarantee of quality

12 month guarantee of quality

We prioritise high-quality workmanship and robust materials when we make our measuring instruments.
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

ElektroPhysik develops, produces and markets the entire product range in Germany, at our headquarters in Cologne.