MiniTest 7200 FH und 7400 FH

Portable, easy to use and high-precision measurements:

The MiniTest 7200 FH and the MiniTest 7400 FH are portable wall thickness gauges for wall thicknesses up to 24 mm. They are distinguished by ease of use and high precision measurement.  Sharp edges, narrow diameters and/or complex geometry are no problem for our Wall thickness gauge MiniTest series: You always get precise real-time measurement results on all non-magnetic materials. Like all instruments in our MiniTest series, which first appeared on the market in 1963, the entire measurement technology is contained in our high-quality sensors.
In the SIDSP® process (sensor-integrated digital signal processing), all required measurement signals are

  • digitally generated in the sensor,
  • completely conditioned,
  • processed and converted into thickness values.

Only the finished, digital measured values are then transmitted to the measuring instrument for display, statistical evaluation and data storage.

MiniTest 7200 FH with sensor

Our gauges in a nutshell:

MiniTest 7200 FH:

In addition to real-time thickness measurement, this model offers a display for minimum and maximum values, a differential measurement function, and automatic data storage for up to 100,000 measured values.

MiniTest 7400 FH:

Additionally to the specifications just mentioned, this model also offers a graphical display of statistics, a real-time trend display and an enlarged data memory with a capacity of up to 240,000 measured values.

For an even better individualization for your measuring task, two different sensors are available: The FH 4 sensor measures with steel balls from 0 mm to 6 mm. With magnetic balls, however, measurements of wall thicknesses up to 9 mm are also possible.The FH 10 sensor measures with steel balls from 0 to 13 mm and even up to 24 mm wall thickness with magnetic balls. Our wall thickness gauges use reference steel balls that are treated in a special process to ensure a measurement reproducibility of 0.5%.

Have we aroused your interest? Does our MiniTest 7×00 FH fit your measuring task and meet your requirements? You can find more information on the product page of our device. You are also welcome to ask us your personal question about wall thickness measurement via the contact form – we look forward to hearing from you!