High-precision, non-destructive Coating Thickness Measurements on very Small Parts

You want to measure the coating thickness on difficult to access and / or very small parts, but have not yet found a suitable device?
Here is the solution:
Our miniature sensors, compatible with the MiniTest Series 7X5, boast an above-average precision of 0.5 micrometer + 0.75% of reading. Like all instruments in our MiniTest series, which first appeared on the market in 1963, the entire measurement technology is contained in our high-quality sensors.

Miniature probe in 45° angle fixed with our probe stand for accurate measuring results

In the SIDSP® process (sensor-integrated digital signal processing), all required measurement signals are…

digitally generated in the sensor,
completely conditioned,
processed and converted into thickness values.

Only the finished, digital measured values are then transmitted to the measuring instrument for display, statistical evaluation and data storage. This completely eliminates one of the largest sources of error, measurement data transmission via the sensor cable.



F0.5M: This sensor, with a measuring range of 0μm up to 0.5mm, offers a simple and fast coating thickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings such as lacquers, enamels, chrome and zinc on ferromagnetic base materials (e.g. iron / steel) with the aid of a magnetic inductive measuring method.

N0.3M: With this sensor, which has a measuring range of 0μm up to 0.3mm and is based on an eddy current measuring method, measurements of insulating coatings such as lacquers and anodizing on non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminum, copper, zinc die-cast, etc.) are possible.

Measurements in hard-to-reach places are also possible without any problems:

  • Both sensors are also available in 45° and 90° angle
  • A precision tripod can be supplied as an option
  • Only a measuring surface of 3 mm is required

Have we aroused your interest? You can find more information on the product page of our device. You are also welcome to ask us your personal question about coating thickness measurement via the contact form or the chatbot – we look forward to hearing from you!