Coating Thickness Gauge MikroTest

The Classic among Coating Thickness Gauges

Old but gold: The MikroTest has been successfully in use for 60 years and has even made it into the museum! Rightly so, because this robust and reliable coating thickness gauge withstands even the most adverse conditions. Our MikroTest measures battery-free, precisely and non-destructively. The first model of the MikroTest was launched back in 1954. Since then, more than a quarter of a million units have been sold and the coating thickness gauge already has a place in the House of History in Bonn.
We would be pleased to take you a little way into the production of our successful model:

Step 1 – Manual fitting:
At the beginning, the raw housings are mechanically processed in the workshop until they fit exactly. Then the housings are finished in the department especially set up for this coating thickness gauge, the MikroTest production. Here, the armature, magnet and coil spring are installed. The magnet system is then calibrated to predefined values.Step 2 – Measurement & Calibration: Next, the first measurement values are recorded so that the scaling of each MiktroTest can be performed individually. At the same time, the previous calibration is checked and corrected if necessary.

Step 3 – Quality assurance: Finally, the coating thickness gauge goes through quality control. During this process, the optical and technical condition is carefully checked and the measurement accuracy is verified. All steps and results are documented using checklists to ensure complete documentation and the highest quality.

Final – the journey to you: Now the MikroTest is ready for shipment and is packed in the shipping department and stored in the finished goods warehouse or delivered directly to you.