The Cologne-based manufacturer of measuring gauges, Elektrophysik relies on a traditional control panel in connection with modern technology

The coating thickness gauge MiniTest 4500 combines traditional, approved characteristics of the coating thickness measuring with the current technology: Beside modern features such as a Bluetooth and USB interface for data transfer, our newest model persuades furthermore with analogue probes and a classic control panel with keystroke for a simple handling.

“We deliberately took a lot of time to get the new MiniTest 4500 market ready”, says Managing Director Winfried Roggendorf, explaining the development process. “The main thing we did was to incorporate key suggestions and wishes from the many discussions we had with the specialists who use our equipment”. The result is a coating thickness gauge which impresses with its state-of-the-art and high-precision measuring technology in a robust, industry-grade housing, while also meeting user requirements for practical, easy application using proven operating technology.

Schichtdickenmessgerät: MiniTest 2500-4500 von Elektrophysik

With the help of our MiniTest 4500 is it possible to handle a wide range of measuring tasks: The non-destructive surface measurement of paints, anodised aluminium, chrome, zinc and other coatings on a range of different substrates is no problem for the MiniTest 4500. A large selection of measuring probes are available to users for both standard and complex tasks such as measuring in pipes or particularly thick coatings of up to 100 mm thickness. All probes from the predecessor models MiniTest 1100-2100-3100-4100 can also be connected to the new models. “One key factor in the product’s development was to provide users with a smooth transition to the newer model”, emphasised Managing Director Winfried Roggendorf.

To summarize, measurement accuracy, reliability, ergonomics and production quality are top priorities also in the new MiniTest 4500 measuring gauges. Traditional, proven operating technology means the new series now offers users easy operation and secure application in the non-destructive surface measurement